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You can now start testing the new version of penthouse pool. We have launched the single version so you can see a preview of what will come in the multiplayer version. You can buy sticks, tables, vinyl, power-ups at our store. Try a multiplayer version!

Aim Cue
Power / Shoot


  • - Use the mouse to aim the ball, set power by clicking and dragging the left button to the direction you´re aiming.
  • - Once you are satisfied with the direction and power of the cue, release the mouse button to take the shot.

8 Ball

Played with all 15 balls and the cue, be the first player to sink all your balls (stripes or solids), then sink the 8 ball to win.

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9 Ball

Played with 9 balls and the cue, sink the balls 1 through 9. The first ball hit by the cue ball on each shot must be the lowest-numbered ball.

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Straight Pool

The shooter may attempt to pocket any ball on the table. The game is won when a player reaches 25 balls pocketed.

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Played with 3 balls on a table without pockets, in which the object is to drive the cue ball into both of the other balls.

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We opened our new website

Hello friends and pool players, as part of our plan to improve our game, we have opened this website, which will be the official site and help information center for everyone. Read More

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